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iPoll Quizzes are a fun way to share your opinion — and even win big rewards!

We always knew our iPoll users were a fun bunch, but we didn't realize how fun until we gave them a chance to share their thoughts with us on a wide range of fun and interesting topics. On these pages, we've collected their responses to Quizzes about some crazy stuff — what was the worst food they ate, what does their pet do that is unique or funny, or what do they think about smoking — then put them together in infographics, photo walls and video compilations for everyone to enjoy. We often reward the best responses with instant cash, prizes or other rewards!

If you haven’t joined in yet, then it’s time you install the iPoll app and start having fun and earning great rewards!

Tell It To Ringo!

Do you have an idea for a quiz you'd like to see asked on iPoll? Want to find out what the iPoll audience thinks about your pet peeve?

Let us know! We pick new topics for the quizzes every week, so tell us what you'd like to ask and we'll put it up on the wall to choose from at random.

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